Paul Alazar is an artist who does BDSM art drawings, including some spanking art and comic stories. His drawings are adult F/F (female/female). His comix are very popular in US.
His career as a professional illustrator began after college. His taste for women in bizarre attire led him to super hero books, where the heroines dressed in wild clothing. The same can be said for his sci-fi book covers. Yet it was working for Friendship Studios that began Alazar’s deep involvement with erotic illustration.
During this time he also had the opportunity to illustrate a complete book, and also he was able to begin a professional custom art service. Over the years we were together Paul must has drawn close to a thousand personal requests.
Afterwards he concerned himself more with regular illustration, portrait and cover paintings while keeping a steady custom order clientele and also did some work for a number of well-known erotic publications.
Many times Paul Alazar has been asked how his drawings evolve. He tend to work from imagination, starting with a basic idea. It may be a certain situation, woman, position, etc., that sets the wheels in motion. He does a full size sketch, working out details, then he transfer onto Bristol Board (11” x 14”). The drawing is usually rendered in black Prismacolor, a wax pencil that seldom smears. If he need reference, he find a photo that is similar, or get his wife to pose.

“For me to speak of myself or my artwork I must focus on its most motivating element – WOMEN! Whether submissive or dominant, innocent or experienced, my insatiable urge to portray a beautiful woman permeates my life and my art. It’s what inspired me to become an artist, and it led me into the field of erotic illustration as well as comic book drawing and paperback-cover painting.
Growing up in the early 60’s provided me with many opportunities to see various erotic scenes on television. After watching these scenes I would often try to recreate them on paper (or enact it with a certain girl in the neighborhood). Fortunately I had a decent drawing ability, and soon found I could achieve a likeness of the actress as well. I took great care in obtaining accuracy of positions and angles. I also paid attention to her dress wear. High heeled shoes and knee-high boots, showing lots of leg are other special turn-ons to me.

In high school my notes from class were intermixed with sketches of various studies: girls in cheerleader uniforms, leg wear, footwear, etc. All were done from observation or memory. Guys who saw my drawings began to ask for drawings of certain girls or movie stars involved in various fantasy situations. It was an early version of the custom order business I’d later provide.”