Bruno Coq

Painter, graphic designer, artist, cartoonist and cartoons as well as musician, composer, writer and performer. Realistic and detailed drawings make the passionate cartoon sex in the porn comics of Bruno Coq more arousing than you can imagine.
Luis García Gallo, said Coq (Toro, June 8, 1907 – Barcelona, ​​September 21, 2001), was a Spanish cartoonist.
He studied in Bilbao. His early work as an artist are in Spain and joined the political activity in the “Confederación Nacional del Trabajo” CNT, for example, the illustrations for the publication of “Vida y Muerte de Ramón Acín”, of ‘author anarchist Felipe Alaiz published in 1937 in Barcelona or the caricatures of “generalissimo” Francisco Franco in the newspaper La Tierra. After the war he spent time in concentration camps in France, where he assumed the nickname “Coq” (rooster) and remained in exile until 1973. Initially held jobs as a lumberjack in Varilhes, then in Paris, he returned to his work as a cartoonist and illustrator for the publisher Jours de France. He worked a lot in France as a draftsman, and its production was concentrated in humor strips for several magazines (Paris-Presse The Intransigeant, France-Soir). He also faced more complex stories with erotic background with sadomasochism as “Secretary” or the “Flora’s life”.