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Ignacio Noe is a writer, designer and colorist Argentine comic, born January 27, 1965 in Buenos Aires.
Ignacio Noah begins as a craft designer in 1986 in the Argentine’s magazine Fierro and in 1988 he published with writer Ricardo Bareirro short stories in Italian magazines Lancio Story and Comic Art1.

In 1992, he began to draw and developing scenarios for the spanish “Kiss” erotic magazine. Some of the stories of the magazine are taken into albums in several countries later. He published including english “Doctor! I’m Too Big!” and “The Convent of Hell” in 19982.

In the early 2000s, he met Jean-David Morvan and participates in the first volume of “The Chronicles Wake” (Les Chroniques de Sillage) at Delcourt. From 2006 on a script by Jean-David Morvan and Michel Dufranne, he draws the trilogy at “Helldorado” at Casterman. Then in 2011 he published with Stephane Pauwels and Michel Dufranne “Football in the shadow of the stars” in Soleil.

In parallel to the comics, he published illustrations for the press and drawings for children’s books in Argentine.

Selen présente… 2000
Sillage (Les chroniques de) 2004
Exposition 2006
Helldorado 2006-2011
Accordeur (L’) 2007-2009
Salon de l’érotisme 2008
Football, dans l’ombre des étoiles 2011
(AUT) Hugault 2013
Douce Tiède & Parfumée 2013-2014
Couvent infernal (Le) 2015
Convent of Hell (The) 1997
Ship of Fools 1999
La Diète 1997
Aldana 2009