Hanz Kovacq short bio

Hanz Kovacq, pseudonym Bernard Dufossé (June 11, 1936), is a French illustrator of erotic comics known internationally. [1]

His stories are distinguished by a strong connotation sadomasochistic themes but especially for the character trait of the graph. The design of Kovacq, although extremely realistic appears in some sections even slightly caricatured. The characters represented then, while maintaining a clear and explicit figurative reference, appear characterized by highly developed sexual organs, almost allegorical. Kovacq also not ashamed to be “bad”, who, with his features disharmonious, helps to accentuate the sadomasochistic image that is represented. Generally his stories are based on a female protagonist who, against his will, is to suffer (and subsequently to partecitare) to situations that reach the limit of perversion. Perhaps the author shows us an underwater world, that although hesitates, or has existed, is ignored by most.

After studying applied arts in Paris, Bernard Dufossé began his career in advertising. In 1965 he began by working for various publications of Bonne Presse (later Bayard). In Record, he created ‘Nathalie’, a series he continued until 1974. He was present in Lisette with several stories about the texts of writers like Gendron, Guy Hempay and Henriette ROBITAILLIE. In 1966, he also collaborated with the Fleurus editions. There, he made various illustrations and short stories for Fripounet (‘Cap’tain Furybon), J2 Magazine (‘ Valentine ‘,’ Prisoners of Space ‘) and F1 (Frank Drago’, ‘Anna and Co. ‘). In 1976 Djin, Dufossé created the series of science fiction ‘Mémory’ on a text by Jean-Marie Nadaud. 2 years later, he launched ‘Tärhn, Prince of Stars’, a saga for which he both designs and scenarios. The series continued in Triolo from 1981 to 1986. Since 1972, Dufossé made various BD on texts by Serge Saint-Michel for both African magazines Kouakou and Calao, as for newspapers. Many of them were collected in albums in Segedo (‘Pass Cross’, ‘The African Ballad’, ‘The Two Princes’, ‘Aka and Drilling’, etc.). At the same time Dufossé publishes ‘Petunia’ in Lili-Aggie Magazine and the series ‘Famous Five’ on texts by Serge Rosenzweig Hachette. Moreover, it illustrates several comic and various illustrations for magazine advertisements Scouting. In 1995, he teamed with writer Patrick Cothias to create ‘Les Sanguinaires’ album released by Glénat.

Between 1979 and 1987 he published nine albums Glénat a series of science fiction, Tärhn, prince of the stars, which he signed scripts and drawings. In the 1980s, it shows four stories of the series “The Famous Five” (Le Club des Cinq) – according to the novels of Enid Blyton (d’Enid Blyton) – published in Le Journal de Mickey and albums in Hachette1. Engaged in scouting, he published the series La Patrouille des Mouflons in the journal Scouts and the Stone series and série Pierre (under the pseudonym Jek) in the Cubs journal (Louveteaux) and illustrates various educational resources. It is 1989-2001 Official illustrator Scouts of France, succeeding Pierre Joubert. In Editions of the Unicorn (la Licorne), he illustrated editions of books in the collection sign track, as well as unpublished novels 4.5.

Under the pseudonym of Hanz Kovacq, it also works in eroticism collaborating in the early 2000s to 6.1 Bédéadult review: he published two series in this register, Hilda and Diane de Grand Lieu, as well as the Album Beauties dociles.

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