Erich von Götha (aka „Erich von Gotha de la Rosière“) born in 1924 in London, UK, is the pseudonym of the British illustrator and comic book artist Robin Ray.[citation needed] Robin Ray has also worked under the pseudonyms Janssens, Baldur Grimm and Robbins. Robin Ray has gained fame with his erotic and above all sadomasochist content.[1] In the early 2000s he had a solo exhibition in the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Bologna titled Sweat Tears & Reflections.

Götha studied drawing and painting for four years at an art school and was first published in the 1980s with the English comic magazine Torrid. The Strips that appeared in the first 14 issues of Torrid were published later in the French magazines YES and Bédé Adult. He became famous as an artist with the works Contes à Rebours (for YES) and Crimes et Délits (the last work succeeding Georges Lévis). He also worked for various publishing companies for which he made book illustrations.

His most famous work is The Troubles of Janice set in the time of the Marquis de Sade appeared in four albums; the first album appeared at in 1980.

Von Göthas detail happy cartoon pictures are characterized by a high degree of recognition of what both the great physical similarity of the various female protagonists contribute to each other, as well as his technique of watercolor drawings, in which is often heightened with colored pencils or pastels and so the effect of large plasticity is achieved mainly of female curves.

The content of his works is often dyed sadomasochistic and can a realistic appearing by the realism of the drawing, be actually grotesque oversexed world (the women are always ready, the men always potent, all penises are at least 35 cm long either as pornography or any representation etc.). Key topics include desire, innocence, dominance, abuse, rape and subjugation that are encircled in a series of explicit, almost continuous, sexual activities.

The focus of his stories always have a young woman (“Janice”, “Emma McAlistair” in Fire Flower, “Twenty”, “Sophie”), the diverse sexual practices is delivered. For example, when Emma McAlistair in the history of The Fire Flower is doomed to be rehabilitated in a bizarre prison for the experimental treatment of delinquent girls, they discovered that the applied methods of discipline are not the ones they had expected – they are in fact decided perverse: The young woman looks mercy of permanent sexual abuse. While their minds are horrified by this chain of sexual scandals, her body reacts to the event with excitement. She begins to accept her fate and to enjoy everything that happens to her in prison.

For a long time prevented the British censor the publication of books Göthas in his home country. The first edition of his works was therefore in the 1990s in France on the market (for example, the albums ‘Les malheurs de Janice’ (The troubles of Janice), ‘tres speciale Prison’ (Very special prison), ‘Les curiosites perverse de Sophie’ (The education of Sophie), ‘Le reve de Cecile’ (The Dream of Cecilia)). In France and German language versions of the comics have arisen and been moved (the publisher of comic magazines Bédé Adult, Bédé X and X Bédé SM) of International Editions Magazine Press; from there runs the sales for the German-speaking countries. English-language editions appeared first in the US in Last Gasp Books and until 2006 in the United Kingdom at the Erotic Print Society.

Several works of Göthas are indexed in Germany: suffering of young Janice No. 4 was upon publication in the Federal Gazette No. 204 of 31 October 2002 and Sophie’s insatiable curiosity upon publication in the Federal Gazette No. 224 of 30 November 2002 indicated….