Xavier Duvet
Xavier Duvet


Xavier Duvet – erotic and pornographic comics creator, born in 1964 in Paris, is a French independent artist, registered at the House of artists as cartoonist and illustrator for advertising. Successively layout artist, graphic designer, art director, web designer, he worked for prestigious clients such as BBC, Casus Belli, Penthouse, Zippo company, textile industry, etc.
Besides advertisements and comics (mostly erotic and pornographic), it also carries logos, website design, posters, illustrations …
His hyper-realistic style is the result of a technique of painting with an airbrush. His comics drawn mostly in fetish, bdsm, femdom genres featuring unusual perverions and rough style.

L’Initiation de Chris (Initiation Chris) (BAC, 1993) or The Misfortunes of Sophie revisited …
La Chatte (Cat) (IPM, 2002): the adventures of a thief tightrope and nightlife
Discipline (IPM, repr Taboo editions.): Serial comic strip Fetish
Maîtresse Dominique (Mistress Dominique) (1995)
Soumise Anna L. (Submitted Anna L.) (1999)
Sluts in stock (2004)
TransFrancisco (Tabou editions): comic book series telling the adventures and transformations of men dominating women of the maids services.
Foundation (2007)
Expansion (2007)
Big Bang (forthcoming)
Féminisations (Feminization) (Tabou editions)
Le Prix de la lingerie (The Price of lingerie) (2007)
La Douce Heure des bas (La Douce low Time) (2009)
Le Journal d’une soubrette (The Diary of a maid) (Tabou Publishing, 2007) album telling the erotic misadventures of a young girl in 1950 in the United States.
Rêveries (Dreams) (Tabu editions, 2010): short dreamlike and erotic stories derived from the story Alice in Wonderland.
Les Maîtresses (Mistresses) (Tabou editions)
Leçons de prédatrices (Lessons from predatory) (2011)