Peter Riverstone, whose real name is Bernard Kamenoff, born in Clamart in Hauts-de-Seine 14 November 1947, is a French cartoonist Bulgarian ancestry. He also worked under other pseudonyms comput_lab, Peter, Firestone, 023014, Bandryke, Caumandre, Molossier, José Pierre …

He grew up and attended high school in Paris. He realize his university studies in the series Beaux Arts UP8 architecture in Paris and at the Faculty of Vincennes 1969-1971.

In 1980 he published his first publications published by Square (Georges Bernier) and “Charlie Mensuel”, the story of “Aventures de L’aspérouse” Also in “Charlie Mensuel” Dargaud with Mandryka as editor, he published:

1981: “The Adventures of Martin Verlass.” (Les aventures de Martin Verlass)
from 1982 to 1983: “Alice” with Mandryka (participation texts).
1983 and 1984: “Annah O” with Patrice Caumont Nikita Mandryka.
He also worked for the press erotic comics and realizes:

in 1982 in the “Sexbulles” newspapers, “Bédéadult” (CAP editions, IPM …): “Gomorrhe”, “Fugue infinie”, “Island of perversions” (Ile des perversions) with writer “Henef” etc.
from 1985 to 1995: “Trop plein d’écumes” (Too full of scum) volumes 1 and 2, “Il manque à vos expériences” (Missing from your experiences), “Thamara & Judah,” “Judith et Holopherne” (inspired by Judith book) and “Nagarya” volumes 1 and 2 and finally “Casanova Ultérieur” and some short stories from Boccaccio.
From 1995 to 2001, he joined “ExMachina” old “TDI” (Thomson Digital Images) where he participated in various productions with 3D film “Pola X” by Leos Carax.

The author has sculpted in these last fifty years everything that has come out of his hands . Drawing has been the way to flatten and organize his cumbersome ” arsenal “. That’ s why he switched to computer graphics in spite of it’ s dark side ; working with 3D remind us of ” Morel’ s Invention ” a famous novel by A Bioy Casares ; Borges’ s friend and collaborator …


Humanities at Vincennes University, Studies Architecture in the former “Pavillon Baltard”
which preceded the ” Trou des Halles ” … Early encounters and influences:
Friends as C. Bouillé ; surrealist group (Ranelagh 1967)
Highly attracted by “les peintres à l’ancienne” from J. Bosh to Delacroix ….
Other influences : “Tel Quel” group, R.Barthes,
C. Levy Strauss, J. Kristeva, J.L. Sheffer “scenographie d’un tableau ” ( 1967-1972 ) …

TRAVELS: Hiking in Great Britain and Eire(Clifden)1967
Nothern Sahara in “the old 2cv” via Spain , Ceuta and Carthage in 1970 …
Ayear stay in the Caribbean French Antilles and Guyana in 1973

Voyage to the mists of time: Afghanistan, India and Nepal … Far East via Europe and middle-East before war in Afghanistan and Islamic Revolution in Iran … Return to Europe and beginning of voyage to the inner self …

First Comics published. A very inefficient way of earning a living but a way, one can hope, of assembling stories and Writing. Obsession is the antagonistic force that impulses the desire to open the scene in “l’origine du monde” ( by Courbet ). It’s force opposite to that of Writing, an overpresence due to fascination .

The overwork required by painting activity generates a conflict with comic strips’s own limits. Comics require schematic strokes one way or another. Conflict begins with “The invention of Morel”; Amiga 3000 and programming language”.asm” …. We are still far from the stage of pictures. Riverstone, author of comics strips then turned into an “ant”, but, the Lord of insects is pityless !…

Silicon Graphics at ExMachina (T.D.I. labs ); European temple of computer graphic pictures, place of birth of “Explore” the software which later generated “Maya” along with Alias & Wavefront ….
Also worked in several projects like: “PolaX” by L . Carax Reference images for “Final Fantasy” and “Man ‘ s adventure” by Yves Coppens …

“Evy in Ruins” ( film and comic book) gets moving, quicker and easier but the author is caught in the trap: Comic strips projects, computer Graphic pictures and movies are simultaneous, consequently, addictive. Fortunately insects have a short life-span .